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Busy busy busy

Thu Oct 29, 2009, 11:48 PM
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Sorry I haven't updated in awhile guys, I really should do so more often. Anyway I've been SUPAH busy lately with schoolwork, tons of commissions and alot of personal ideas floating around in my head. Amazingly enough I'm still having fun at school O.o Probably because I've been so busy making sure I don't fall behind. :p For those of you who don't know I'm going to Columbus College of Art and Design. I've become friends with quite a few very talented artists and the entire atmosphere is insanely inspiring. I haven't had artists block in months, which is a great feeling.

So since I've been so busy and will continue to be busy until the semester is over I'm unfortunately going to have to close commissions. :/ I guess that's a good thing though, that I've been getting so many that I have to tell people to stop. :p I greatly appreciate everyone that has commissioned me thus far, and for those of you who have not received yours yet I'm trying my best to get them done with school and work being the only things above in priority.

Thank you to everyone who has faved or commented on my Link pic. The response was overwhelming and I look forward to some free time so that I can get working on some more LoZ series characters. Fierce deity is next and then it's lookin like Zelda altho I have been sketching alot lately during class and on my lunch break so don't be surprised if some other LoZ stuff sneaks in on a sketch page. ;P

Alrighty well I'm out. Cheers!


Legend of Zelda Series

Tue Oct 6, 2009, 8:09 AM
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So many of you may have probably seen my Link sketches I've done recently, well I'm actually going to be finishing one now.

My idea is to start a series of character redesigns based on the Legend of Zelda series. Many of you have given me lots of positive feedback when it comes to my LoZ fanart so this is sorta for you guys aswell.

for an example of what I'm thinking look at :iconzatransis:'s batman series

Basically about waist up of each character no special background, just emphasizing hopefully a dynamic informative yet simple pose. This will also be good for me to practice facial expressions and such.

So here's where you guys come in. Obviously I'm doing Link first, but what other characters from the LoZ world would you like to see next? my only criteria at the moment is that the character must be from Ocarina of Time and later, I'm not as familiar with the older games so I probably wouldn't do the characters justice. (maybe in the future once I run out of current characters.)

I would like 2 more suggestions so just lemme know who you want to see in a reply to this journal.


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I started at Columbus College of Art and Design the other day and am really liking it so far.
Just being in the environment motivates me to do my best. The other night Mike Altman from Pixar came to speak, and he was very inspiring. I'm a lot more hopeful about getting that job as a concept artist that I have always wanted.

I'm still open for commissions since so far the homework hasn't been too heavy. drop me a note if you are interested. :)
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I haven't updated my status in quite awhile, so here goes.

I've been reading the book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell for a school assignment and it's actually pretty good. I recommend you pick it up if you want to learn more about what makes people successful.

I've finally finished my 3 big dynamic pieces of my original characters, Sephyrus, Rhoswyn, and Remus. As usual they all look like crap to me now lol which is good cus it means I have the motivation to get better. I was holding back a bit on the second two because I wanted the style to match, but now that they are done expect me to be uploading works that look a lil different. It will probably be awhile until i really get solid bios for them and really root them down into a detailed world, altho if you are curious about things feel free to ask and I will either give you an answer or think of one to explain lol.

I've pretty much achieved the style I'm aiming for with my lines (I can always perfect technique but the basic idea is there) So now I'm gonna try and come up with a more eye-popping style of painting, as well as explore my subjects a little more, which means I'm gonna be doing some more "innovated" fan art down the road such as Legend of Zelda and Darksiders.

I've also got a wooden replica of Sephyrus's sword in the works. I know some of you older watchers have probably seen some of the stuff I did back during my short cosplay kick. I just really wanted to do something 3D and Seph's sword on my wall would make me quite happy. It's alot more detailed than my other swords so hopefully you guys will dig it.

Other than that, commissions are currently open to whatever, so if you are interested send me a note and we'll talk business.
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I've managed to finish a couple personal pieces, so I figure I'll see if I can get a couple commissions coming in.

I finally got paypal so thing should be a whole lot easier. :D

I'm offering 10$ waist up sketches, and 20$ full body sketches.
I'll consider other types depending on the request. I'll start with 5 slots.

1.:iconsugarpoultry: waist up sketch [PAID][COMPLETE]

For character choice/details, just note me or get in contact through aim. Screen name is windlordofsuldor. I will start each piece as soon as I receive payment. paypal account is
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Just a short update on whats goin on here. So my latest deviation "demon slayer" has finally reached the beginning of what I would like my style to be, (or at least my style for this set of characters) So I will be doing at least 2 more in the same style before I do any other independent work.

However duty calls and now that I'm done with my personal stuff I have 3 shirt designs to do for Beautiful Warfare. Got the rough thumbnail of one done already, just gotta finalize and draw it out.

I've been spending way too much money on concerts clothes and junk food so I may have to take a few more commissions before doing my next independent piece, and budget my spending. -_-

Also hopefully I'll be able to do some more work on DXIII's iPhone game. As of now we are about 75% done I believe.

Saw X-men origins: Wolverine the other night. It was pretty good altho Gambit's accent was horribly inconsisitent and not thick enough. And deadpool... well he was just a mess... but hopefully the rumors are true and there will be a deadpool spinoff that might do him justice. Ryan Reynolds was excellent for the part that's for sure.
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So I officially got accepted into Columbus College of Art and Design. After my portfolio interview I was fairly certain it wouldn't be a problem but it's still nice to have the official news. Along with that I have the even better news that I managed to get a 38k scholarship which eased my financial worries as it pays for a lil under half of my tuition each year.

I've got 3 projects on my list that I plan to tackle in an attempt to stretch and perfect myself. "The Resolute" being the first. The next 2 are going to be 2 more never before seen original characters, that I plan on sticking with like I do Seph once I get their designs going.

Commissions are slow due to my personal project and alot of hrs at work recently. The most recent being the logo I did for the band Beautiful Warfare. Not really sure how the rest are going at the moment it's kinda hard to keep up commissions when I'm still trying to improve. Just kinda takin it easy for now.

Got my hands on Guitar Hero Metallica, and its freakin sweet. Best direction for guitar hero to go imo. Other than that I've been too busy with art projects and friends to play any other games. As of now I'm still just looking forward to "Darksiders Wrath of War" the most.
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(edit) ok so I'm pretty much brain dead latley, I've been wanting to do somethign really spectacular and original up till now Sephyrus has pretty much been my only big 'original' project, and the fact that he's meant for bigger things makes me not want to re design him like I always seem inclined to do. So I'm trying to think of something new to start designing in depth. This new thing I'm also planning on applying all the feedback I got before about more realistic proportions, and more dynamic poses. Here's my main question. Do you guys want to see another cool armor character with a bladed weapon? (since thats pretty much my favorite thing to draw) or should I do something even more different than that? I think I might even make a female "project character" that I could constantly be designing alongside my ever evolving Sephyrus Character.

So on the subject of "more variety" I was thinking about uploading some more stuff like sketches. When I made this new account my intent was to only upload finished work to maintain a "cleaner" gallery. I was thinking tho that sometimes my sketches look better than the finished products, so I wanted to ask how many of you would be interested in me uploading random pen and pencil sketches that I do when I'm bored. I would upload them to scraps to keep the rest of my gallery fairly uniformed.

Also if anyone is interested in seeing a different style or subject matter from me, feel free to suggest, altho keep it general otherwise it would be considered a commission.

In other news, I had an appointment with an adviser at CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design) recently and got my portfolio approved with an 'A' Grade. I just gotta handle some paper work and figure out some scholarships now and I should start classes in the fall. Now that I got the portfolio stuff outa the way I want to concentrate on finishing up some commissions as well as doing some gifts.

Been playing WoW alot too lol it definitely gets more fun the higher lvl you are.
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Soo a couple of my friends suckered me in to creating a World of Warcraft account. I'm currently on a 10 day trial, but will most likely upgrade. I have plans that once I get my character leveled high enough to get some cool lookin armor I'm gonna do a pic of him :) Normally I wouldn;t engage in such an involved game, but I'm not going to school till fall, i haven;t been getting many hours at work so I figured I might aswell busy myself with something fun.

Speaking of being busy warcraft, and work are 2 of 4 ways I'm splitting my time; The others are Commissions and working with my DXIII partners on our iPhone game.

I've done 9 commissions for :iconrainpheonix: and he has faithfully continued to stick with me, and has much more planned, and I am thankful for the extra cash, plus he's a pretty cool guy. :p

I have also recently taken up a line of commissions from a group of writers wanting to bring thier characters to life. I'll most likely be doing around 10 or more for them, some colored, some just lines.

I've also had random commissions also requested from around my hometown.

Dimension XIII has been moving at a steady pace on our iPhone game that I can't say much at all about, other than we're hoping it's going to be big and we have good reason for that hope. I've got about 3 different jobs to do with them.

So thats everything I'm juggling around in my life at the moment, that and my dad has been struggling with some blood clotting issues so that's a lil unnerving. Any prayers for that would be much appreciated.

Oh and if anyone is curious, here's some updated commission info. Altho at the moment due to my full plate I will not be accepting any more commissions at this time.

Character lines: $20

Character full color: $40

Character Full color with simple background: $50

Character Portrait: $10

All payments must be made via cash, check, or money order.

so if anyone is interested there's something to think about. I'll post a new journal when commissions re-open.
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I hope you all had a good New Year I know I did :D This year will be quite different as it is the first year since I was 4 that I won't have to worry about doing any school work, with one exception of taking the ACT in February.

I'll be working at my current job as many hours as I can and looking for a 2nd job or just a better paying one, in order to save up money so that hopefully I can go to CCAD in the fall quarter. We'll see how that goes. I haven't actually applied yet because I need ACT scores to do so, but as soon as I get those I'm going to apply and hopefully qualify for some scholarships.

Apart from working as much as possible I'm also making sure that I don't waste any free time, apart from playing some video games here and there to keep the creative juices flowing. I am hoping to take up several new hobbies/mediums, in sculpting and textiles in order to improve the diversity of my portfolio. Along with these new goals I will have time to earn some extra cash from commissions, so if you need something done send me a note and I'll let you know my prices and when I can get it done for you.
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I'm going to VA for Christmas, so my family and I opened gifts last night. I got a sweet desk that my mom made custom sized for pretty much everything I do. Got some new apparel flannel sheets etc... so what did you guys get/are going to get?

Commissions are booming right now. I'm working on my 6th character for :iconrainpheonix: I got $100 for the Obama portrait which I originally charged $80 for which was pretty nice of the girl I did it for. I just finished a portrait for a Christmas present someone commissioned me for. I also am in the process of designing the logo for a local symphony orchestra.

To all those that commissioned me I say thank you so much, all the commission money I got served as plenty to pay for all the Christmas presents I bought plus a lil extra. :D Commissions are still open, send me a note for details altho since I do have several things lined up I may not be able to complete stuff in a week or so like I usually do.

As for other things I just beat the new prince of persia for 360, and it was pretty awesome, a bit repetitive at times but I would still recommend it.

I've been playin Halo 3 online alot latley too. For those interested in playing with me, my gamer tag is Sir Talbott.

OH and to end this journal I'm gonna hint about a new medium I've experimented with, that I think turned out fairly successful. It involved a knitting needle an oven and Link from LoZ. I'll have halfway point pics up soon. ;)
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So I was chatting with my current commissioner :iconrainpheonix: about strategy RPG's and such, and he mentioned Shining force.

I had bought a Sega Smash Pack for my PC awhile ago, and that was pretty much the only game I liked on it, and beat it multiple times. Then I found the remake for Game Boy Advance, and beat that version multiple times. Then I found out that both Shining Force, and Shing Force II (which I had never played but always wanted to)were released on  Wii Virtual Console for the small price of $8 each.

So now I'm playing through again and having as much fun as ever, and looking forward to continueing on to the 2nd one that will be new to me. So if you haven't already played this game, but you enjoy Strategy RPG's I recommend you try it.
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So this is actually a new account that I plan to keep a lil more organized. You can find my old account here.… it's got alot of older stuff I don't care about but some people may be interested in.

Just thought I would give you guys a heads up on what I will be submitting in the end of this year (apart from random artistic tangents of course XD)

13 Character Design Commissions for :iconrainpheonix:

Concept art for Lab XIII Game currently titled "Lost Memories"